A little bit about me… Personally

It's a given that I enjoy photography, so I'll tell you a little bit about me that might not be quite so obvious. I love coffee, which is a relatively recent discovery for me. I've always loved big dogs but now I want a cute, furry, lap dog to keep me company in the office. I love soups but detest cooked green peppers. I used to think I hated cheese but it turns out I love cheese. Too bad it's the really expensive cheeses I love the most. I like finding new restaurants. I am a big college football fan, and we like to celebrate the beginning of the season like it's a holiday. I love holidays. Halloween and Christmas are my favorites. Oh, and when I was little I toyed with the idea of becoming a chef. Was that obvious with all this talk of food?

Some of you may want to know how it is that I came to live in Grand Haven and work as a photographer. When I started college at Michigan State University I had my life all planned out. I was a psychology major and a city girl who was going to study abroad in France. I was going to move there and travel the world with my camera. Then I met a boy and fell in love and everything changed. Over a decade later Cory and I have two very spunky kids, a house full of furry critters, and we'll celebrate another wedding anniversary this fall. So, that's the short of the long on how this city girl from Metro Detroit ended up in living in Grand Haven, being a mom, and building my own photography business.

Cory works as a staff photographer at MLive/The Grand Rapids Press. And without him you wouldn't be seeing this. He is not only my biggest supporter but he is also an intricate part of Jennifer Morse Photography.

A little bit about me… Professionally

I began my career working as a photojournalist and photo editor at The State News, MSU's newspaper. I went on to work as a photojournalism intern at several newspapers alongside some of the state's most accomplished photojournalists. I will always be thankful for them and for all they invested in me. I won multiple awards with the Michigan Press Photographers Association, the Michigan Associated Press and the Michigan Press Association. In 2000, I was named the runner-up Michigan College Photographer of the Year by the MPPA. I love to photograph just about anything: weddings, births, newborns, children, and even product photography for use in advertising and website imagery. Because of my background as a photojournalist I like to capture subjects in their unique and natural environment, but I'm also very comfortable in the studio setting. It is such a privilege when people invite me into their lives to document these amazing moments. I'm so grateful to say I absolutely love my job. There is nothing like it!

A little bit about me… Giving Back

Giving back to my community has always been important to me. I feel passionate about volunteerism because I've seen it change lives. I'm involved with several programs in the area and no matter how much I give to them I always get so much more in return. If you don't already I encourage you to consider volunteering. It's really an amazing thing!

Oh yeah, and Stupid Cancer

A little while back I was happily going about my business when one day I noticed something was a bit off. There was a teeny, tiny patch of skin on my breast that just didn't look right. In a few days I had a cancer diagnosis and a few days after that I started chemo. Surgery, radiation, and more surgery would follow. It was a whirl wind and an emotional roller coaster at the same time to say the least. I still cannot believe it happened to me. It changed my perspective on things and I just don't sweat the small stuff like I used to. I am grateful for every moment of every day. I could write a whole book about my cancer journey but I don't really have the time to do that because I'm busy with getting back to life.