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So, of course, when you read about the Grand Haven ArtWalk everyone’s going to say it was a huge success, but let me quantify that just a bit for you. I put my entry up a few days before the official start of ArtWalk, which was Sept 22, 2010 and less than a week later all 250 of my latest batch of business cards were gone. Yup. GONE. Don’t worry, though, I have some of the previous batch left, and I put in a rush order for 500 more. I figure I’ll need them since I was just accepted into the Lake Michigan Art Walk. ( :) <— This is me doing a little happy dance over another Art Walk event!)

Oh, and while I’m on the topic of business cards, I have to give some major kudos to a local office supply store, Wiricks, which is in downtown Grand Haven off Harbor Drive. I was in need of a particular business card holder so I could attach it to my information plaque that needed to go under my ArtWalk entry. Not only did they have what I needed when none of the area big box chains did, but they opened their store an hour early when they found my husband standing outside the front door. I always try to buy local and this is why. Awesome products, reasonable prices and great customer service.

And because no one likes to come to a photographer’s blog and not see some photos, here are some snaps of ArtWalk happenings from earlier this week courtesy of my husband, Cory:

Photo of ArtWalk in the Street

This is my littlest hooligan dancing with joy just after she finished her painting during ArtWalk in the Street.

Photo of ArtWalk in the Street

I'm not sure why you need a hard hat to paint, maybe they were just having fun with all the construction downtown, but my girls thought it was great to have ArtWalk hardhats to paint in.

Photo of ArtWalk in the Street

My girls love jazz music and so they were very happy to be dancing as the musicians played at ArtWalk in the Street. That is Vincent Hayes singing, who I met at the Coffee Grounds. It turns out we both have the same favorite table there. Small world!

Photo of ArtWalk

I can't believe how much quicker it's getting darker at night these days, but I love the glow from the signs in the shop windows along Washington.

Jennifer Morse Photography Halloween Mini Session 2010 informationI’ve had quite a few inquiries about doing Halloween Mini Sessions again and so I’m pleased to announce this year’s dates. There is a limited number of sessions available on Saturday, October 16th and Friday October 29th. We’re working on a super fun outdoor background that will be very different from last year’s. (In case of rain, we’ll just move inside to the studio.)

The cost is $35 and includes:

  • A 15-20 minute session
  • 3 high resolution, fully retouched images
  • The images will be emailed to you the night of the shoot or sent on CD within one week of the shoot
  • You will also receive a Limited Print Release to allow you to print the photos
  • Up to 3 siblings, each additional sibling is $10 and we’ll add an extra few minutes to your session
  • Payment in full is required at the time of booking to reserve your session time. It is not refundable, but I am happy to reschedule if your child becomes ill.

I anticipate these sessions selling out quickly, so don’t wait to book. You can schedule your session by calling, emailing or contacting me through my website. I can’t wait to see all you little ghouls, goblins and witches!

I am so, so, sooooo excited to be part of the Grand Haven ArtWalk for 2010. And I’m thrilled to finally reveal this image. I knew I wanted to do something for the new event that had a local feel. There is something very special about the shores of Lake Michigan after day break, just like there is something amazing about those first few days after a new baby is born. I wanted to combine those two similar feelings and thus you have my ArtWalk 2010 entry: “Drifting Dream.”

I absolutely have to give thanks to the Coffee Grounds for being so gracious and hosting my art. And if that wasn’t reason enough to love the place, they serve an amazing iced vanilla cappuccino. It is heavenly!

That’s me, my coffee, my Mac, and oh, yeah, my ginormous canvas for the Grand Haven ArtWalk 2010!

ArtWalk begins on Sept. 22 and runs through Oct. 9. For more information on the Grand Haven ArtWalk 2010 you can visit their web page or read more on Facebook.

A baby face anyone would love

September 12, 2010

I packed up my portable studio and headed out to the Lansing area to meet this little sweet baby girl recently. I knew it was going to be a fun morning when her two-year old big brother asked me if my camera was my toy. And honestly, I love what I do so much that some days it is like I am getting to play with toys all day!

baby face

baby face

Wedding Photojournalism

September 12, 2010

I recently came across a great article by Michael Roney for the Wedding Photojournalist Association and I thought I’d share a wee bit of here:

“These days untold numbers of wedding photographers state in their bios that they have a background in photojournalism. Yet many do not really have any actual professional experience as photojournalists. Some have maybe published just one or two photos, or work occasionally as a freelancer for a newspaper or magazine, while others fudge their own work history and interpretation of the term in order to bolster their own image.

So what, in fact, does this label mean, and can you trust it? Does it even make a difference? When you see this claim, even on the sites of WPJA members, you should definitely ask some questions to determine whether your candidate really has the background and ability to fulfill your expectations.”

Click here for the full article. It’s a super quick, easy and informative read. I promise!

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